Business: An Economic Activity

An economic activity that is associated with regular and continuous production and distribution of the services and goods for satisfying the needs and desires of humans. In more simple words it can be described as the system or the organization where services and goods are exchanged either for goods or for money. For any business, there is the need for the investment, output, and customers to whom the products could be sold on the consistent basis for making the regular profit.

All human beings are involved in some activity or other for satisfying their never-ending or unlimited needs. So every day we come across the word ‘businessman’ or ‘business’ indirectly or directly. It has become the important part of modern world.

Clothing, food, and shelter is the basic need of everyone. In our daily lives, we also had many household requirements. And these requirements are fulfilled by the shopkeepers. He further gets from wholesalers, who further gets from a manufacturer.  In this process, Manufacturer, shopkeeper, and wholesalers are the Businessmen who are conducting business.

Types of business:

There are mainly six different types of business:

  1. Sole trader
  2. Partnership
  3. Company (Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies)
  4. Franchises
  5. Workers Co-operatives
  6. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

In the world, some of the best small business opportunities are in the form of franchising space. Franchising gives small business owners resource for running, proven system, and built-in brand recognition along with huge customer base.

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